Monday, October 3, 2011

Less than $500 to go!

It is very, very exciting to see that with 12 days left to go in our Kickstarter project, we have less than $500 to go before we reach our goal.  Hope is in the air!

Now that Steve is back from a month of sabbatical research and writing in South Carolina, we are beginning to gather needed data to help us create a solid plan that can be implemented when we arrive in Ghana (and hopefully a lot of initial work can be prepped even before we get there).  Emmanuel sent the following about the local antelope species names, in case anyone is curious:

Hi Joss & Steve,

I hope everything is going on well with you guys.
We are also doing great.

I went to Ho in one of the village called TAVIEPE and met with a good hunter
called Atsikpi.

The types we use on Sogo, Kidi and Kagans are:

(Here is an image of the Sogo, Kidi, and Kagan drums for your reference - Joss:)

Types on Bobas are:

(The Boba is a large lead drum used for social dances, and looks somewhat like the above drums, only much larger (up to 3.5 feet tall) and much wider.  You can hear it, and see it at around 2:00, being played here.)

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