Saturday, December 31, 2011

Gratitude for all that's come

As Joss posted, today is our last full day in Kopeyia. Tomorrow we must go to Accra to prepare for our departure back to the U.S. on Monday. The last three weeks have brought great progress on the Dagbe Antelope Project, leaving me greatly impressed with the abilities of the Ewe people to move a project forward quickly and effectively. Three weeks ago, all that existed of the project were many ideas and plans; now, the hunters have a net and are already in the bush working to capture animals, and the enclosure is rapidly growing.

As with all projects of this nature, much remains to be done, both here in Ghana and in the U.S. Joss and I will continue to raise funds for the project once we get home, and Emmanuel and his staff will continue to build and arrange for the antelope. But I am not daunted by the work that remains. If anything, what has taken place her over the last three weeks has given me more energy than ever.

Happy New Year. Long life and prosperity to you and your families.

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