Friday, December 23, 2011

Meeting with local Hunters

Progress, continued!  The concrete block makers arrived and formed a LOT of blocks for the base of the enclosure.  (I'll post a photo soon.)  The well is dug, but we haven't connected a motor for the pump yet since we still need to dig the trench and lay the piping.  Stacks of fencing and wire are stored in Emmanuel's spare room and waiting to be formed into the main walls of the enclosure, which hopefully will begin to rise up on Monday.  Before beginning to dig the foundation lines, we'll pour libations and request a successful path for the endeavor.

Meanwhile, we are taking various tracks for acquiring the actual antelope: the first track has the game wardens helping us find and anesthetize the antelope with a dart gun, and then move them to the finished enclosure.  The second path, which is concurrent with the first, requires the help of local hunters.  On Wednesday we went to Ho, a larger town north of Kopeyia -  you can see it on Google Earth.  We met with five of the area's traditional hunters and also one of the regional chiefs, who also is a hunter.  After introductions, Emmanuel explained our project and they felt very enthusiastic about helping us procure antelope.  We're working on finding them a proper sized net, and then they assure us that within a few days they can corral the antelope and catch them live and unharmed.  So now that various folks are actively helping with that end of the work, we are able to continue to raise the walls as quickly as possible.  One other positive result of the meeting is that the hunters were able to tell Emmanuel specific trees and other habitat needs that would be preferable for duikers, which will help greatly.

More soon!

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