Saturday, December 17, 2011

Here We Are

Well, that took a bit - we've been in Kopeyia for a week+ but it's been so fast and furious that getting online in the little internet room has been a challenge.  All good work, though.   We arrived safely into Accra on the 10th and met Emmanuel there, stayed at the Afia hotel that night and then headed straight back to Kopeyia the next morning.  That was Sunday, and there were a lot of events happening around the area (market day in Denu, 2 funerals, etc. - so we didn't see most of our friends until late that afternoon.  I thought we'd just be spending some down time and resting, but ended up getting invited to a ceremony that night - great entry!

So by Monday/Tuesday, we were beginning to meet with Emmanuel and Christian, who is a local hunter and Emma's good friend.  He's been helping us procure supplies, and even brought us some bush meat (grass cutter) to try that night (he'd just shot it that day).  Through him, we've discovered a lot more about some of the issues surrounding bush meat hunting.  I videoed a lot of those meetings, plus the site for the new antelope enclosure, and some of the work done on the new well (which goes almost 40 feet down, all by hand).  Right now we are waiting for the cement bricks for the enclosure's base to set, and hopefully today we'll break ground on site and start preparing the boundary. 

Meanwhile, we wait with a bit of anticipation and hope for news of antelope for the enclosure - it's the very beginning of dry season and they are only starting to come out of hiding as bush fires and the need for greens and water drive them into the open. 

The most impressive aspect so far has been Emmanuel's preparation and organization, both before and during our visit.  Once this enclosure is built and the antelope secured, I feel strongly that this will succeed thanks to his solidity.

Today I will work to upload some photos of the area, if I can (low bandwidth here and spotty connections taken into account).

We are definitely still welcoming donations to Emmanuel's cause if you haven't yet been able to contribute - feel free to purchase a DVD or CD of audio and video taken at events during this trip (ceremonies, the antelope work, etc.)  Links to the right) - all profits go directly to costs here!

Akpe and more soon!

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